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bx_saturator V2

bx_saturator V2

Sweeten or Shred!

bx_saturator V2 is a powerful multi-band M/S (Mid/Side) processor, allowing you to add saturation, drive, and distortion exactly where you want it in your mixes and masters.

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  • Sweeten or Shred Beyond Any Other Processor

    The bx_saturator V2 is an M/S & multi-band saturation tool which can be used for mastering, mixing and sound-design. It features Brainworx´s “True Split” crossover technology, which ensures that the Mid and Side channels are always perfectly in phase, creating focused, large-sounding mixes and masters.

    Now You Can:

    • Add unique saturation and distortion to targeted frequency bands
    • Increase the perceived volume of mixes without clipping
    • Bring out individual frequencies of a mix without affecting others
    • Gently soften a mix buss or pile distortion on individual tracks for a dramatic effect
    • Punch-up and define low-end with the Mono Maker control

    Refine, Define, or Crush

    From subtle mix glue, to insane crunch, the bx_saturator V2 lets you fatten and distort Mid and Side signals of your mix independently. You can dial-in analog warmth and subtle overdrive on individual tracks, or apply it to the stereo bus to thicken an entire mix. You can also bring out delicate nuances of vocals, acoustic guitars, and percussion without increasing their level or drastically EQing them. Conversely, you can mutilate signals more than ever, all without affecting other crucial sounds in your mix.

    Louder Mixes, Smarter Saturation

    Each of the four XL frequency bands have dedicated gain, drive and XL (mix) controls allowing you to increase the perceived volume of the signals without boosting its actual output level giving you louder, punchier mixes.

    Pinpoint saturation and drive textures with the two X-Over sliders that allow you to select the frequency ranges of the Mid Hi / Lo & Side Hi / Lo channels you want to process. You can fine-tune delicate frequencies like acoustic guitars and cymbals, and also add crunch to the sides of a rock mix for an analog-type distortion.

    Go Mono for More Powerful Low-End

    The Mono Maker is another useful tool found in many Brainworx plug-ins. It mixes the low-end of your stereo signal to mono, which lets you widen the high frequencies of your mix with less phase problems — yielding, tight, focused, professional-sounding low-end.

  • First of all: it sounds better due to a redesigned audio algorithm!
    This V2 update also includes support for Avid AAX DSP users as well as some function and processing refinements. If you already own a bx_saturator V1 you may continue to use it, or you can upgrade to V2 for just $48.

    You can use the final version of V1 and the new V2 simultaneously if desired, but V1 will not be updated in the future, so for future projects it will be best to use V2.


    • Improved audio algorithm with less aliasing
    • Advanced parameter smoothing
    • Added AAX DSP support
    • Optimized overall performance
  • FREE Upgrade in bundles:
    If you own any bundle that contains bx_saturator V1 we have added a V2 license to your account free of charge! Enjoy.

    PAID Upgrade ($48):
    If you have own an older bx_saturator V1 the upgrade price is $48. You will find the info in the myPLUGINS section (Manage Licenses) of your account.

  • Older Installers (ilok, V1, etc.)

    Legacy Installers

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