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bx_XL V2

bx_XL V2

M/S Mastering Limiter. The New Loud V2.

bx_XL V2 is an M/S stereo mastering limiter. Its main purpose is to help you get your mixes loud while keeping them clear (undistorted). As loud as any major label production - but less squashed than many of them.

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  • The New Loud V2!

    bx_XL is an M/S stereo mastering limiter. Its main purpose is to help you get your mixes loud while keeping them clear (undistorted). As loud as any major label production - but less squashed than many of them.

    While we developed bx_XL V2 we found ourself wondering why it seems to be a “must have” in the audio-world today to “limit” your mixes to the extreme. While you can do so with bx_XL V2 we truly believe that there is a certain stage at which you should STOP to squash your mixes more and more to eventually achieve “huge loudness” or volume.

    bx_XL V2 is based upon the M/S technology taken from our “modern classic” M/S EQ bx_digital. We developed this hi-end analogue EQ 2006/2007 and we have offered a plug-in simulation of this EQ ever since. Engineers and magazines around the globe rave about bx_digital so we decided to develop a limiter that “teams up” perfectly with our EQ in mastering situations. bx_digital V2 was voted "Plugin of the Decade" by FutureMusic UK!

  • From a certain level on we at BX feel that too much loudness is a true limitation for your music. Limitation in dynamics, in power and strength... Certain music styles seem to require that squashed sound and “loud first impression”, but you might achieve a bigger and longer lasting impact with a powerful mix that is loud indeed... but not dead yet. Please do keep this in mind when cranking up your mixes.

    bx_XL V2 internally converts stereo signals into M (mid / sum) and S (side / difference) signals and splits the M channel into 2 bands (hi & lo). This way you can limit and level 3 individual channels to increase loudness and improve clarity of stereo mixes drastically – with much less distortion artifacts and while keeping much more “punch” than any other limiter system.

    Via the Crossover Frequency slider the “MidLo” channel can be used to separate the bass drum and limit it different than the rest of your mid signal easily! This is great for all kinds of dance, rap, techno and rock music! Or just balance the Mid signal 50/50 on both channels, so each channel has less peaks to deal with. This way you get your mixes loud, but you don´t kill them.

    After the 3 channels of bx_XL V2 have been mixed back together to a regular L/R stereo signal internally the signal runs through an additional (fourth!) final standard brickwall peak stop limiter which offers an adjustable master out level.

    With the XL knob bx_XL V2 also has a 3 band “psycho-acoustic” loudness maximizer built-in. bx_XL V2 offers 4 automatable settings with copy & paste functionality. All these features combined with 32 steps of Undo / Redo and various detailed Level meters make for a sophisticated dynamics & loudness control system second to none.

    We recommend bx_XL to be used as the final plugin on the stereo master buss for mixing and mastering purposes and it can work great on any stereo bus / stereo sub group as well. Although you may want to try bx_limiter for this purpose. This plugin was developed to be the "mix buddy" for bx_XL V2.

    Multiple Solo, Auto Solo and Link features enable the engineer to precisely adjust all stages of this hi-end mastering limiter.

    bx_XL V2 looks quite complex at first, but once you get the internal signal flow and audio splits you will be able to use it intuitive and fast.
  • Features
    • M/S mastering limiter for stereo signals
    • 2-band separated mid processing
    • New X-Phase crossover filters
    • About 50% less CPU usage than V1 due to a complete re-design
    • M/S stereo width control on any stereo channel
    • XL Saturation on board.
    • High volume masters that don´t sound distorted.
  • We are developing a new V2 video right now which we will release soon.
    Until then you may watch the older videos for V1, which is almost the same feature-wise.
    V2 has much improved algorithms though, and less CPU usage, new graphics, etc.

    Let BJ take you through the bx_XL limiter and its features.

  • If you own a V1 version of bx_XL you may continue to use it, or you can upgrade to V2.
    Otherwise you need to use the $49 update, please.

    There is a FREE upgrade to V2:
    - if you bought bx_XL V1 after April 1st, 2012.

    Otherwise you need to use the $49 upgrade.

    You can get bx_XL V2 for just $49 if you own a V1 license!
    And you can keep your V1 license, of course

    New to Plugin Alliance? Want to activate older ilok licenses? Info here.

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