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ProAudioDSP DSM V2

ProAudioDSP DSM V2

Prismatic Compressor & Mastering Limiter "extra ordinaire"

#1 for Mastering & Electronica! The DSM plugin uses a unique Spectrum Capture System and offers highly capably multiband processing. Add loudness and presence, match mixes in mastering sessions, correct poor microphone technique, de-ess and more!

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  • Welcome a new Alliance partner company: Pro Audio DSP from the UK.

    The DSM V2 Plugin was developed by Paul Frindle and Paul Ryder of Pro Audio DSP.
    Paul Frindle has been involved in developing the SSL E and G-series consoles, as well as the SONY OXFORD OXF-3 digital console, on which he was working together with software developer Paul Ryder.

    What is the DSM V2 plugin?
    The DSM V2 will capture both, the frequency-domain and the dynamic characteristics of even the most complex audio material. This "capture" can then be used in its original form (or even be altered using the Parametric Threshold EQ) to control the dynamics of the audio material and increase the loudness. That´s if you use the DSM V2 plugin as a mastering limiter.

    In fact it can do much more than this. It can serve as a great de-esser, vocal enhancer and compressor, and it can add some nice magic to your audio.

    What is the DSM V2 plugin NOT AT ALL?
    The DSM V2 is not an Equalizer. It is not an EQ curve adaptor, Auto Frequency corrector, Analyzer or such.
    We recommend you watch the demo videos, download the trial and get your hands on this extremely versatile and advanced processor.
  • The heart of the DSM is a one-click "Capture" system

    This unique feature uses ground breaking adaptive techniques to capture both the frequency-domain and dynamic characteristics of audio program, and uses this as the basis for a highly developed large scale multiband compression process.

    This means that it can sympathetically handle programme over a very wide dynamic range without many of the usual compression artefacts, coping even with large-scale percussive events which badly confound conventional compressors.

    The DSM also includes a single-button Limiter function

    The Limiter has been optimised specifically to work with the compression stage. This allows short term peak events in the programme to exceed maximum peak modulation levels without causing overs or loss of impact, whilst retaining complete transparency for levels below -1dBFS.

    Exemplary results in lightning-fast time can be acheived for common tasks

    Loudness enhancement
    Vocal enhancement and character processing

    Multi-dimensional control

    The DSM provides control over both the spectral response and dynamic characteristics of audio material, bringing a whole new dimension of facility and artistic ability to the sound engineer.

    The ability to rapidly capture, modify and re-apply sound character to its own source, or to any other program, provides for novel functionality

    Sound character mapping between whole mixes, tracks, vocal parts and instruments
    Continuity matching in mastering
    Character control for broadcast play out
    Microphone proximity correction in video or film production
    Improving problems in difficult outside broadcast situations in post production
  • In-depth introduction video by Paul Frindle:

    More videos on the V1 of the DSM (V2 versions will follow soon):

    Buss compression on challenging audio material.

    Basic De-Essing and vocal control with DSM V1.

  • If you own a V1 version of the DSM you may continue to use it, or you can upgrade to V2.
    We are sending voucher codes for a heavily reduced purchase of the V2 license to all V1 users.

    Should you not have received this email please contact our Sales Support and get your code.

    You can get DSM V2 for just $49 if you own a V1 license!
    If you didn´t receive the voucher code for this $49 upgrade please contact our Sales Support.There is a FREE upgrade to V2 for all users who bought V1 August 1st, 2012, or later.
    You will get a direct email from Pro Audio DSP.

    No matter how you upgrade... you can keep your V1 ilok license, of course.

    New to Plugin Alliance? Want to activate older ilok licenses? Info here.

        • My special weapon
        • The ProAudioDSP DSM V2 is my special weapon. It's one of those rare plugins that seem to possess almost magical qualities. I use it for many different things and keep finding new ways to use it.

        • Ilpo Karkkainen - Digital Soundboy, Exit, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Function, Samurai Music and Secret Operations

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