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elysia museq

elysia museq

The Musical Equalizer

This 100% Discrete Class-A analog EQ is certainly NOT just another EQ...! Resonant cut-filters and outstanding warmth and punch.

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  • The Musical Equalizer plugin!

    The museq plugin makes elysia´s musical equalizer come alive in your DAW. It offers all the original sounds and functions the hardware is known for, including the outstanding high/low cut filters with resonance and the Warm Mode sound shaper.

    The plugin even adds some powerful extras, like the integrated M/S matrix for mid and side processing, the possibility to link both channels for more convenient stereo operation, and dedicated output level controllers for adapting your settings to the available headroom.

    The license includes two plugins in one: The full fledged Master version with all the bells and whistles and a slightly reduced Mix version for quick and easy settings.

    So here it is - the digital version of an extremely flexible and musical sounding 100% Discrete Class-A analog EQ with a very powerful feature set, shining on any kind of audio material you throw at it.
  • Features

    100% Discrete Class-A
    As a true elysia specialty, the museq is completely based on discrete circuitry and does not use any integrated circuits at all.

    Active Bandpasses with FETs
    The filter stages are completely active and benefit from a puristic design approach without coupling capacitors – the basis for a truly musical EQ.

    Resonance High & Low Pass Filters
    The outer shelving filters can be switched into low and high pass filters which feature an additional resonance peak as a very useful specialty.

    Parallel Filter Design
    A special circuit trick makes it possible to leave the high and middle frequencies completely untouched when using the high and low pass filters.

    Warm Mode
    The museq offers a second, switchable sound flavor by altering its frequency spectrum, harmonics and transient response.

    Pure Transparency Path
    The puristic design of the filter stages with current feedback amplifier stages and without any coupling capacitors results in an outstanding sound quality.

    Boost/Cut Mode
    The boost/cut switch generates twice the number of values to be set with the 23 step potentiometers than the usual -/0/+ arrangement would offer.

    Switchable Filter Quality
    The filter quality can be switched from a wide to a narrow Q factor which remains independent from the setting of the gain controller.
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  • elysia have produced many cool audio examples and a great video for the museq plugin.

    SOUNDS: More than 20 great examples, and many sounds you wouldn´t expect from an EQ!

    Official elysia info: Awesome info, sounds and videos.

  • Description

    Each of the two channels offers three parametric bands with a two-position switchable Q. The outer bands per side are low/high shelf designs which can be separately switched into a low/high cut mode. In the cut mode, a resonance peak keeps the knee frequency from sounding overly damped, reminiscent of inductor circuits in classic designs.

    Each of the five gain controllers per side can be altered from boost to cut with a single switch, for easy location of problem frequencies and twice the number of available gain steps. Each channels has a switchable option for adding strong harmonic color of the signal, making two EQs in one. Many will prefer the color setting for mix use and the clean for tracking, but this is up to you to discover.

    The circuit design of the museq is 100% discrete analog technology. All signal processing is realized with single transistors in permanent class-A mode, and even the power supply is composed of fully discrete circuits. An oversized transformer, selected capsuled conductive plastic potentiometers as well as special current feedback amplifiers are part of the technical refinement. The combination of these elements aims at maximum signal quality and guarantees clean and powerful sound characteristics even when extreme settings are used.
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