Bundles 2014. Save BIG & pay as you go!

Bundles 2014. Save BIG & pay as you go!

100% elysia Bundle – V1

100% elysia Bundle – V1

4 elysia compressors & EQs – Quality made in Germany.

100% of the award-winning elysia plugins. M/S Mastering. Mixing. Sound-design.

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    This collection features 100% of the elysia plugins.

    Get them all.
    You can pay this plugin collection off in 3, 6 or even 12 rates with no interest being charged.
    List price of the included plugins: $747!

    NEW Users: Your price is $489 ($40 x 12 monthly rates).
    This is a saving of 35%. Save more than $250!

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    >>> If you already own some of the plugins in this bundle your personal offer price will be further discounted!

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    If you pay in monthly rates you will get 30 day "lease licenses" upon paying for the first time.
    After 30 days you pay the next installment and get another 30 day license.
    You may decide to pay any rate(s) earlier at any time.
    When you pay the last open rate your licenses will be turned into unlimited "full licenses" automatically.

    What if I can´t pay at the end of the month?
    If you decided for 12 rates: you can pay them off in up to 15 months.
    If you decided for 6 rates: you can pay them off in up to 8 months.
    If you decided for 3 rates: you can pay them off in up to 4 months.
    You can simply re-activate your plugins for another 30 days as soon as you pay the next rate.

    This bundle contains 100% of the elysia plugins available October 1st, 2013.
    Updates to future 100% Bundle versions (V2, V3 etc.) will be available to all “100% Bundle” customers at maximum discount!

    Click DOWNLOADS and grab the elysia100% Bundle ZIP to download all BX plugins in one go.

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  • This bundle contains the following products:
    elysia alpha Comp
    elysia mpressor
    elysia museq
    elysia niveau filter
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